Harbor Falls

Series: Harbor Falls #1
Release Date: October 23, 2020

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The road to a new beginning often leads us to the most unexpected places.

Adalyn Richards never dreamed that her four-year marriage would come to an abrupt end the way it did after her husband’s secret shattered her. Now, at thirty-four, she starts life over again and away from her beloved home of New York City and her job as an art curator at the museum. She finds herself in the enchanting town of Harbor Falls, a quaint and quiet place nestled in South Carolina. It was the perfect place to settle down, and her heart would belong to her lifelong dream of opening up an art gallery.

When she steps into the Seaside Bar & Grille for a glass of wine after her long trip, she didn’t expect to meet a handsome down to earth man named Colin Young, owner and bartender, who was handy in fixing things. The last thing she wanted was someone to fix her heart.

Colin Young had heartbreak of his own. And when Adalyn Richards steps into his bar for the first time, she captivates him. He’s captivated in a way he hasn’t been in a long time. But trying to heal Adalyn’s heart and making her see he’s the perfect man for her isn’t a simple task and he isn’t willing to give up.

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